The Advantages of Planning your Menu

Dec 13

One of the key in having a successful budget spending plan is having a weekly menu and following it to the tee. So, how can you effectively make a weekly menu? In my case, I only shop once a month, so instead of a weekly menu, I make a one month flexible menu. Flexible meaning I am amenable to inter-changing the menus since I have 4 children to feed and sometimes I heed to their requests once in a while.

To avoid protests during meal time, include your children with the menu planning. Make the menu planning a family affair. Give each of your children a chance to suggest their special dish. Not only that, you can include a kitchen helper schedule in the menu. You might also want to include your children’s favorite dish once or twice a week. Just make sure they know that you have the last say on this. And to be able to accomodate your children’s wishes, make sure you make your meal combinations wisely to avoid overspending.

The advanatge of menu planning is simply staggering. Having a plan not only removes the stress of not knowing what to cook for dinner, but it will also help you from not eating out or ordering dinner over the phone. Not eating out will obviously help you maintian a healthier and leaner budget. Menu planning will also make shopping easier, not to mention, time saving and yes, cheaper since you will only buy what you will need for the duration of your menu. Having control with your day to day consumption will free you from the stress of meal preparation daily. Not to mention that when you have a shopping list to follow, the risk of impluse buying can be avoided.

If you are busy mother, one of the advantages of meal planning is that you can cook some meals ahead of time and save time doing so. You can prepare your stock in the freezer. Or in my case, I marinate my daing na bangus and keep it in the fridge ready for frying. Doing so will save me spices and seasoning. Not to mention that hey, the bangus cooked this way will guarantee clean plates and tons of rice…

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