The Lowdown on Holiday Shopping

Dec 11

Holiday shopping could turn ugly- Fact. After a long hibernation from holiday shopping, I have become more or less immune by the pressures of having to shop for Christmas. By studying human behavior and understanding the need to spend during the holidays and closer scrutiny on my own thoughts while keeping an eye on my bank statement, I have decided to think and...

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10 Steps to Maintaining Personal Finance in College

Jul 08

College is a time when one can finally be freed from the oppression of our parents, or at least distanced from it. It’s a time for trying new things and discovering one’s identity. Along this road comes certain responsibilities that some are prepared for, and some are not. One such responsibility that many of us struggle with is that of being financially...

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What You Need To Know About Financial Inclusion

Jun 11

Many forces around the world affect people and how they live. Some of these systems are for the better, while some make life harder. When there is a system in place to help people, these previously downtrodden individuals are generally thankful for the positives, as it gives hope to the unnoticed and forgotten. In this economy, a financial system that brings joy to...

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The Ins and Outs of Structured Finance

Jun 11

When we speak about structured finance, we are dealing with the study of techniques that are needed to economically assess the feasibility to invest in new business projects. The goal of the investment analysis is to enable the business professional to determine if their business ideas will create a value for the shareholders as well as their business! Business...

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Frugal Ways to Pamper Your Feet

Jan 14

Pampering doesn’t have to break the bank. Though most people put self-care at the end of their to-do list, keeping yourself healthy and happy can help to improve the other elements of your life. One of the easiest ways to care for you is to care for the feet—but a spa pedicure isn’t always in the budget. This doesn’t mean you have to skip on...

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Ways to Eat on a Frugal Budget

Jan 03

Bacon wrapped sirloin with a side of lobster can get most people’s mouths watering. Unfortunately, a meal of that caliber can cost quite a bit to make. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself once a week by cutting costs during the other six nights. There are several meals you can make throughout the week the help you save for a...

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5 Ways to Cut Back on Spending and Save Money

Oct 10

It’s hard enough trying to manage your finances, and when you throw in battling paying off a debt on top of that things can get even trickier. However just because you’re trying to spend less doesn’t mean you have to live in a total state of deprivation. There are some easy ways you can cut back on spending and save some money without sacrificing too much: 1....

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8 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working Out Of the Home

Oct 09

Is your out-of-the home job starting to get boring? Read the following tips to keep you motivated all over again: 1. Be Grateful Some people lose their motivation to work because they keep on thinking about those things that they do not like about their job. Once you sense yourself getting bored with your current job, think of all those millions of people who are...

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Preparing for the End of the World

Oct 04

With the Mayan calendar expiring in a few months and many 2012-end-of-the-world prediction being broadcast and written about, people are asking what they should do. The truth about all of this is that we have been facing major disasters since the beginning of time. Regardless of your religious alignment, there have been people who propagate this ideology as a clear...

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New York Cash Advance- Things That You Should Know

Sep 15

The cash advance industry in USA is seeing a lot of growth. Ever since its inception, the cash advance business has been filling a niche which is normally left unserved or underserved by banks and bigger lending institutions. Take for instance, the case of an individual who needs a smallish sum of money to cover unforeseen expenses. It might be a sum as small as...

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